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Nadine's Probably Right... (Tres Pescadores)
I gotta say that this band does a lot of things right: starting off the proceedings with a Chuck Berry-like raver (What's Wrong With Mrs. Ray), naming one of their songs "Town Puke", and naming another one of their songs "I Hate The Doors." And, yes, the song's about hating that sorry '60's band and it's foppy poet-turned-icon Jim Morrison. Not bad at all on the first impressions meter. Add in the fact that the band manages to rock hard when they need to and bring in the weeping pedal steel and soft ballads at the right times and you have a quite enjoyable album from a band that just might end up doing some great things. They even throw in some slick country soul that Arthur Alexander would be proud of on the unfortunately-titled "Not John Cougar's Small Town". Not groundbreaking by any means but so what? Still better than most of the dreck that gets released today.
Order the CD from Miles Of Music.  Reviewed by Scott Homewood

High Hat
Bluesy, Rootsy, good lead vocalist. Although they have a fair amount of "crunch" to their sound and there's not a fiddle or steel guitar anywhere, their melodies and harmonies keep them from sounding like a thousand other "rock" bands. The songs are there, and so is just enough "twang" for me to recommend this CD to all. Produced by the "twangtrust", Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy.
Released 9/9/97. Reviewed Bill Frater. Best Tracks: Bottle of Blues, Guilty, From Me To Clayton.
E-Squared's website has tour info, etc.  

Harm's Way.... (Miles of Music)
Leader Michael Hill was once in the band Slobberbone, and now he's put together a new band with a slightly "popier" roots-rock sound. He plays guitar and writes the songs, singing with a voice that sounds like his nose is slightly stuffed-up, which is not to say there's anything wrong with it.  These guys has done some wood-shedding, refining their aggressive twang. The lead guitar work, sometimes two of 'em dueling Allman Brothers style, is a highlight. Of special note is the fact that this is the first release from the excellent southern California CD mail order house, Miles Of Music. They know this music better then anybody so here's hoping this is the first of many more CD's from them.
Released Sept. '00. Song samples and ordering from Miles of Music   Reviewed by Bill Frater.

12lb TEST
Let Yourself In...(Your Label Here)
As if the title alone isn't welcoming enough, one listen to these well-done songs with their effervescent mix of bluegrass and roots rock will be more than enough to make you a lifelong friend of this talented band. Comparisons off the bat would be Son Volt if the Volt had any life in their music or a Midwestern version of Tom Petty with less Stones influence and more Ralph Stanley. Songs are lyrically sparse and very to-the-point without a lot of wasted words and superfluous details. We are given what we need for the story while the excellently played music takes us on the journey. On second thought, a solid comparison would be an American Blue Rodeo. Either way, great stuff I would definitely recommend any roots fan check out.
Order the CD from Miles Of Music.  Reviewed by Scott Homewood

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